Animals get permanent shelter


Reporter - Gerran Thomas
Photojournalist - Chad Bowlin

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. — After several weeks at a temporary shelter, many dogs and cats are getting a new place to call home.

Adoptable animals are settling in at the new McCracken County Animal Shelter Friday night.

A new shelter has been in the works for several weeks after an investigation found at least 8,000 animals were improperly put down at the McCracken County Humane Society.

A short time later, troubling undercover video from an employee at the Humane Society showed mistreatment of both living and deceased animals at the privately run facility.

Just last week, Shirley Grimes stepped down as director of the Humane Society.

As a result of that investigation, McCracken County's fiscal court decided to suspend financial support to the Humane Society and start a county shelter.

It was all smiles Friday as volunteers and Animal Control Director Jeff Brown moved the animals.

Crews have been very busy over the past several weeks at the temporary shelter and couldn't be happier moving into a perminant address.

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