Attorney General: Board of Regents violated law


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

MURRAY, Ky. - Thumbing through nine pages of an opinion from the Attorney General's Office, Kevin Binfield says of the documents, "I've been eager for this for quite some time."

Although what the Murray State University Faculty President has, he admits, might not provide the answers he and others are looking for.

"I have heard from people, 'What the hell is going on at Murray State?' That's the number one question," he continued.

Attorney General Jack Conway said Wednesday whatever it was, was against the law. Several regents met at the home of Regent Sharon Green on March 14th. Although Chairman of the Board Constantine Curris later called it a 'social gathering,' Conway said the group violated the Open Meetings Act.

On March 15th, that Board voted not to renew of the contract of University President Randy Dunn. The Attorney General found the Board of Regents to be in violation of two open meeting act laws- by having quorum and not recording minutes.

But according to at least one regent, Dr. Dunn's contract was never discussed. Susan Guess tells Local 6 while she was at Green's home, she was not asked about her vote, was not asked to change her vote, and heard no one else talking about the vote.

The Attorney General's opinion notes it is unable to resolve the dispute between the discussion on March 14 and the vote on March 15 but concludes 'public business was discussed.'

Binfield hopes the board is more transparent in the future and promises he will be watching every step of the way, "Instead of trusting the Board, we have to make it known we're paying attention."

He says, based on the AG's report, he would like to have a thorough discussion of everything that came out, even a re-vote. But Regent Susan Guess, who says her vote to keep Dunn speaks for itself, says its unlikely the votes have changed.

It was Lexington-based attorney, Jim Deckard who filed the complaint against the Board. No word on whether or not he will appeal the decision through Circuit Court but the AG's office says he has 30 days to do so.

Dr. Constantine Curris, Chairman of the Board of Regents, could not be reached for comment.