Murray State Board of Regents member resigns after Dunn vote


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MURRAY, Ky. - New information comes to light about the Murray State University Board of Regents decision not to renew the contract of President Randy Dunn.

Jack Rose, one of the board members who voted for Dunn, stepped down Friday.  Rose told radio station WKMS he has "concerns about the direction the board is heading."

Rose declined further comment on the issue.

The Faculty Senate at Murray State University is also sounding off on the Board of Regents' decision, after they gave President Dunn a vote of confidence last year.

In a statement released to WPSD Local 6, the Faculty Senate wrote in part they're, "dismayed that seven members of the Board of Regents chose to place no value on the Faculty Senate resolution expressing confidence in President Dunn."

The Chair of the Board, Doctor Constantine Curris, spoke with Local 6 after the decision.

He says Dunn was not blindsided by the board's action and the board acted within its policies to remove Dunn.

"The important thing for a board is to follow policy and process, and that's not to say you don't change it, but I think MSU benefits when there is a clear process and the board follows procedures and the board does what it is supposed to do," Doctor Curris said.

There is no clear answer as to why the board voted to remove Dunn.

His current contract expires June 30th of next year, so Dunn could continue to lead the university until then.  He could also stay on as a faculty member after his presidency ends.

Earlier story:

MURRAY, Ky. - The Board of Regents at Murray State University voted Friday not to extend President Randy Dunn's contract.

There were four "yes" votes cast and seven "no" votes.

They are as follows:

Yes:  Jack Rose, Phil Schooley, Susan Guess and Jenny Sewell

No:  Steve Williams, Harry Lee Waterfield, Sharon Green, Marilyn Buchanan, Jenny Sue Thorton, Jeremiah Johnson and Constantine Curris (Board Chair)

The vote adds another chapter to the ongoing mystery concerning Dunn's future at Murray State.

Last year, the board eliminated an evergreen clause in Dunn's contract that would have extended it an extra year if members did not act.

It's been reported that Dunn has looked for other opportunities.  Over the last few years, he has applied for university president positions at the University of Tennessee, Missouri State University and Northern Illinois University..

In addition to Friday's vote, the Board of Regents voted to begin the search for a new president.

Dr. Dunn's contract ends June 30, 2014.