McCracken County volleyball fan takes cheerleading to a whole new level


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PADUCAH, KY-- For years, Winston Bennett has attended dozens of volleyball games to watch his daughter Jasmine,  but simply watching isn't enough for him.

"For some reason, I got some notion in my head that I wanted to do something fun," he said with a smile. "Something that the young ladies would enjoy."

So he's taken it upon himself to be McCracken County volleyball's biggest cheerleader.

"He walks in, he brings that liveliness to the gymnasium," said McCracken County volleyball coach Tim Whitis. "He gets everybody excited."

"It's so funny because he's like a little kid out there," said Mustangs senior Courtney Brantley. "He gets excited, and most parents just sit and watch, and he gets into it."

Bennett admits he's toned things down a bit this year, but last year in when he cheered for Lone Oak, he would go to games with boxing gloves, a robe, sunglasses, and a makeshift flag. He says most teenage daughters out there would probably be embarrassed by his antics, but Jasmine is okay with it.

"I guess it's because he's my dad," Jasmine said with a grin. "So when I see him out there, it makes me proud to know that he's wanting to support me."

Ultimately, that's always been Bennett's main goal, to support his daughter. Even if it means wearing a robe to do it.

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