'Both Hands' joins forces to help two families in need


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - David Dycus

BENTON, Ky. —The sounds of drills and saws are music to Sarah Link's ears.

"This is such an awesome project," she said with a smile.  

She's the project manager overseeing repairs on Helen McCarty's Benton home.  All of these workers are taking part in both hands - it's a non-profit organization with a two-fold mission: to serve widows while raising money to help willing families adopt.

"I keep telling everyone the real blessing in this whole thing has been for me because I got to bring this project together and ask people to be involved and watched people just excited about it," Links said.

McCarty's husband passed away last year... and Link said McCarty needed some help with repairs.  So, more than two dozen people went to work.

And the family looking to adopt is the Holloway's.  "A lot of times, families feel like they cannot adopt because of the financial burden," Brandi Holloway said. 

But these projects help offset the cost of adoptions that can run into the thousands.

"With the Both Hands projects, it's a big fundraiser to help bring these children home," Holloway said. 

Brandi and her husband Trent plan to adopt Chord, a seven year-old boy from China later this year - their second chinese adoption.

Much of the Holloway's expenses are paid from pledges that are raised for each project and while Holloway said the cost to bring a child home can be a financial burden to some, the benefits of having a forever family doesn't have a price-tag.

"Our children's lives have changed but our lives have been changed so much more," Holloway said.