Brookport victims return home


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Jason Thomason

 Heading home from the hospital. Nearly a month after a tornado devastated Brookport, some victims are just now returning.

Some Brookport tornado victims are still in the hospital.

As the focus turns to rebuilding homes, others are re-learning how to walk and dealing with serious injuries.

One woman spent 11 days in an Evansville hospital and said she thought she wouldn't survive after being tossed by the tornado. She said she has neighbors to thank.

The only thing left is her car but she couldn't use it to get to a triage unit because it was damaged in the storm and she wasn't able to move. But some kind neighbors picked her up, put her in their back seat and it took two hours to travel a half mile from here to the foot of the Brookport Bridge triage unit. Looking back she's surprised she survived.

"It sucked me out and I went around the trailer so many feet in the air, I landed and it landed me on the ground," Karen Morris said.

Just a few seconds changed her life forever.

"All I remember is I seen the floor come up, and I think I passed out and when I landed I came to," Morris said.

After eleven days in an Evansville hospital, Morris was finally sent home, but her home is gone for good.

Daughter Tasha Seigart has stayed by her side in a temporary apartment provided by friends and the American Red Cross.

"I'm thanking God that my mom is here with us today because she almost didn't make it," Seigart said.

Morris is dealing with a broken arm, fractures in her back, a fractured clavicle and more.

"With my back injuries I'm having to learn how to hold myself to walk," Morris said.

Her bones are broken but her spirits aren't. She's thanking God she was spared, and lives to see her grandkids grow up.

Morris said she did not have health insurance. She rented and did not have renters insurance. She's starting over with nothing. The American Red Cross has helped her start to get back on her feet but it's going to be a long process.