'Build A Bed' project comes to Marshall County


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - David Dycus

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - Drills get a lot of use in Marshall County High School's shop room. But they probably haven't been used for a project like this.

"We are having our first every Ameri-Corps build a bed in Marshall County," said Ameri-Corps worker Crystal Jackson.

21 beds - built from scratch by the hands of Ameri-Corps volunteers will soon end up in the bedroom of a very happy kid. The volunteers know the need for beds is great.

"We actually did have a child sleeping on a piece of foam," Jackson said.

"There was a little boy at my own school that everyday this week, he counted down, 'Ms. Proctor, four more days, Ms. Proctor, three more days.' It makes me tear up because he needed a bed and I'm excited for him," she said.

Debbie Proctor said the stories are endless, but just as heartbreaking are the number of kids who don't have a place to lay their heads. "It breaks your heart. It really does to think there's children in our own county that don't have a bed of their own," she said.

The project hits home for Brad Ehlers. He's the father of a toddler and can't imagine not having a bed for his son. "Usually every night, he says I want a daddy tuck and you know there are some kids who don't get that," Ehlers said.

But Ehlers is hoping more kids can be tucked in properly and organizer Shannon Bailes wants Kentucky's 'Build A Bed' program to go beyond the commonwealth.

"We would like to see this go out of Kentucky. It's just a great project, easy, not really rocket science," Bailes said with a smile.