Busiest Package Delivery Day


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

PADUCAH - It's the busiest delivery day before the holiday.

So busy in fact, FedEx will ship 22 Million packages globaly, UPS reports it will move roughly 300 parcels a second worldwide and at our local postal service, in Paducah, package sorting is up 12% around this time.

Workeres have danced around each other all day, processing 72 hundred packages not including the midnight shipment that will likely add another 4-thousand packages....


1 box, 2 box 3, box 4...these are santa's helpers with packages galore. 

It's organized chaos for Carol and Russ...to move all these package they don't fuss.

Each parcel goes through scan...before being delivered by the postal man.

Five thousand are sent on a typical day...but that number has doubled and they're only halfway. 

So 1 box, 2 box, 3 box 4...  here's comes the packages to your front door.