Cab companies conflict over certifications, fares


Reporter- Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist- David Dycus

Paducah- Less than a month after it's opened, D&B Taxi is temporarily shutdown because of a Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order. That's because the owner of Chi'z Cabs claims the company is operating illegally and as a result is suffering irreparable harm.

Nicole Doran, President and Owner of Chi'z Cabz, Inc., told Local 6 she welcomes competition, but she wants a competitor to play by the same rules and laws.

Ben Saberniak and Dan Morse are both named in the restraining order. Saberniak said they have all the city and county licenses and admitted that don't have the state certification, but said was an honest oversight. He said they shut down as soon as they learned they didn't have it and have applied for it.

Doran doesn't think so and says her call logs prove it, they're way down and she says she knows why.

"We can't compete with $5 and $6 taxi cab fares," she said. "We pay $122,000 a year to keep these people safe." Doran is talking about liability insurance. She said she carries a $1.5 million policy on her cabs and can't afford to charge less than $8. She said if D&B Taxis had the proper insurance they wouldn't be able to either. 

"I told her I'm not trying to put you out of business," said Saberniak. "That's not our intent. We're just trying to establish a business."

He added that their insurance policies have been cleared by police and is difference because D&B Taxis is a Sole Proprietor and therefore works under different guidelines.
He admitted he and Morse know Doran outside of this relationship and that Morse used to work for Chi'z Cabz. He said that there's no hard feelings, but Doran said that plays a big role in the conflict.

Saberniak said the state certification could be approved as soon as next week and they plan to reopen when they receive it. Doran said she thinks the situation will get resolved, but wants to make sure D&B is following the same rules and laws she is.