Cemetery plots moved, angering family members


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ky. — Piles of dirt and rock at the Dycusberg Cemetery are causing some grave concern for the people who say their distant relatives can't rest in peace.

"There was a plaque on this one that said "Mother" on this grave," said Allison, a woman who has family who were dug up at Paddy's Bluff in Crittenden County.

She said several of her relatives graves, which date back to the 1800s, were moved and relocated in late April after the new owner of Paddy's Bluff decided to put a rock quarry on 900 acres next to the Cumberland River.

"This was not their final resting place," Allison said.

Seven graves were moved from the Bluff to the Dycusburg Cemetery. It was all done legally by property owner Bobby Grogan but Allison feels morally, it wasn't the right thing to do.

"I felt like the cemetery didn't belong to him anyway," she said. "It was reserved for a cemetery."

Local 6 spoke to Grogan's lawyer, who said his client followed the rules, posting a public notice and waiting the appropriate amount of time.

"The process was followed and after that 60 days, we proceeded to move the cemetery," said Barry Frazer, Grogan's lawyer.

Frazer said the proposed rock quarry will create a much-needed river development and bring with it new jobs. Frazer believes Allison is getting in the way of that process, while knowing she doesn't have any legal recourse.

"The burden is on the party complaining," he said. "That person never filed a suit and now they seem to hold up jobs and progress for many people."

Allison said that's not her goal.

"We weren't trying to stop their business venture but we ask to leave them the one hill, to work around the cemetery," Allison said.

Grogan is waiting on a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with his development. His lawyer told Local 6 a decision should be made soon.