Christmas came early for a local church


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Jason Thomason

UNION CITY, TN—Christmas came early for one local church.  Since August, the First Assembly of God Church in Union City, Tennessee has been remodeling their youth building. However, a church member realized something was missing.

After adding a second floor mezzanine, a six-year-old member of the church asked the pastor why there was not a fire escape route.  That is when Pastor Tommy Hall decided to take the six-year-old's creative solution into consideration.

It is big, it is red and about 13 feet tall. It is the perfect fire escape route that 6-year-old Grant Johnson envisioned.

Just in time for Christmas, Grant Johnson's dreams became reality.

"So I told our pastor that we need a slide in case of an emergency in this gym," said Johnson.

Pastor of First Assembly of God Tommy Hall said Johnson asked with such sincerity. "I said, you know Grant you're right. We probably do need a slide," said Johnson.

After seeing the kid's faces light up, Hall said this $6,500 slide was worth it.

"I knew we were spending a lot of money, but whenever the money came through, it's like OK here we are, we are going to make it happen," said Hall.

Only six-year's old with a plan, Johnson said he is practicing in case there is an emergency.

Johnson said he cannot believe his Christmas dream came true.

Ecstatic one of his presents came early, but barely containing his excitement to see what else Santa has in his sleigh.

The slide cost about $6,500.  It was made possible through generous donations from church members who asked to remain anonymous.  The church is located on Pleasant Valley Avenue Road in Union City, Tennessee.