City at a standstill after snow, tornado


Reporter - Robert Bradfield

BROOKPORT, Ill. - The city of Brookport is bruised, though Police Chief John Barr is quick to point out, it's not broken.

"Trying to let people know we are moving forward," he said.

He estimates two inches of snow fell in Brookport and it was just enough to quiet the streets.  "It definitely brought the city to a standstill," Barr said.

Eery in a way, considering less than a week ago, people were still cleaning up from the tornado.  Barr is waiting for the ice to melt before going back out to help tornado victims.

"All the I-DOT equipment that we had, the county equipment that we had, and what little the city has, we had to stop the debris removal and move into the snow removal mode," he said.

Barr says the weather won't dampen the holiday spirit.  In fact, the town decorated the streets and barr says there's more to come.

"Brookport is going to be back.  We're coming back.  We're going to build, we are going to help you re-build, so don't give up on Brookport," he said.