City hopes to reel in revenue from boat launch project


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

PADUCAH, Ky.---We're just a few weeks away from the official unveiling of a project designed with people who enjoy fishing in mind.
The Mayor of Paducah said the entire city could reap the benefits of a boat launch that could bring hundreds of anglers and major tournaments to town.
Chances are, many haven't even seen this project.
It's off of 6Th and Burnett Street in Paducah.
The city engineer said the parking lot is designed for 82 truck/trailer combos.
It'll have a six-lane boat ramp, and a self adjusting courtesy dock.
The mayor says it's exactly what'll lure big tournaments to Paducah.

While all eyes seem to be on this Riverfront Redevelopment project that's been put on hold because of unexpected costs, there's another project just downstream that city leaders call a success.

It's past the Greenway Trail, down a road, and beyond the trees

"It's going very well, very smoothly," Mayor Gayle Kaler said.

The project is almost ready for a ribbon cutting.

Mayor Gayle Kaler said there's not much work left to do.

"Have a little bit of finish up work to do, one more layer of asphalt, some striping, still have the courtesy dock," Kaler said.

Kaler said the boat launch will help the city reel in profit by luring big fishing tournaments, events that were just too big for the boating space at the foot of Broadway.

This boat launch is six years in the making and cost 2.6 million dollars- but Kaler said the project will pay off, because when people come here to fish or attend tournaments this likely won't be the only place they stop.

"Go to a restaurant, enjoy a good meal, go shopping, all of those good things," Kaler said.

City Engineer Rick Murphy told me the city received a 2.2 million dollar federal grant, the city had to pay the remaining 400-thousand dollars.

We also asked the mayor about the progress of the proposed downtown hotel.
She said she couldn't comment at this time.