Clay Waller arrested, Jacque Waller's family continues search


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Ryan Brooker

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — Since June 1, family, friends and even complete strangers are making it their mission to find mother of three Jacque Waller.

"None of us even thought that it would go on this long and every day is longer than the day before," said family friend Laura Helbig.

And during that time, her estranged husband Clay, whom police are calling a person of interest, was relatively absent, until his arrest Friday. His defense attorney said police questioned Waller for seven hours before he could talk with him.

"The reason I know that is because I was there the entire time. It was 4 a.m. before they allowed me to have access to him," said Scott Reynolds.

Reynolds is now questioning the way police are handling Waller's current charges.

"I'm quite sure that for seven hours. they didn't spend that whole time talking about stealing and harassment," he said.

But for Jacque Waller's loved ones, the focus isn't on Clay Waller. Family spokesperson Laura Long Helbig said they're focused on finding their friend, daughter and mother who may be missing but is not forgotten.

"No one is going to give up until Jacque is found and brought home. Her children, her parents deserve to know where she is," said Helbig.

Co-workers and friends of Jacque Waller placed yellow ribbons on a series of trees outside her insurance company. They are holding a candlelight vigil Monday night to mark her two-month disappearance and to honor her life.