Commissioner's blog raises eyebrows


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Michael Bradford

PADUCAH, Ky. - Leaders and the people they represent aren't sure what to think about a blog that's raising eyebrows.

Paducah Commissioner Allan Rhodes' new blog is called 'Miscellaneous Ramblings from a Paducah City Commissioner.'

His latest post is about shopping locally for police cruisers.

In it he said the city meeting gave him a headache, and explained his side of the debate between commissioners.  At the end, he encouraged people to email the mayor and other commissioners.

The mayor and some commissioners worry the blog will cause division between city leaders and might even confuse or mislead the readers.

Allan Rhodes said there's no telling what he'll blog about next, and he's not worried about offending others.

"It's not about being mean spirited.  It's not about trying to be a stirrer upper. I guess it'll do that, but it's about information and what I think about," Rhodes said.

Mayor Gayle Kaler wouldn't go on camera but said the blog is inappropriate and Rhodes is trying to stir up trouble. She said if he has a problem with the way the city is conducting business he should go to city leaders instead of taking to the web.

"What an individual elected official chooses to do on their own is their decision," City Manager Jeff Pederson said.

He is OK with the blog, but hopes people understand it only represents Rhodes' views, not the city's.

We asked taxpayers if they will even read it and if they care.  We discovered it depends on who you ask.

That's alright with Rhodes, who says he just wants to give people a chance to understand his perspective and get involved.

"I'm not a very good politician so I just tend to tell people what I think and let the chips fall where they may," Rhodes said.

Local 6 reached out to all of Paducah's City Commissioners Thursday.  They all said Rhodes has a right to express his opinion wherever he wants, but some had concerns about miscommunication that the blog could cause.