Community stands up for local teen


Kathryn DiGisi - Reporter

POPE COUNTY, Ill. - If you ask 16-year-old Mkane Vaughn what his passion is, its an easy answer.

"This is a 1989 two-toned F-150 grey and silver," Vaughn said.

I revved her up for him today. Mkane can't take her out for a spin himself yet because the truck is not equipped with hand pedals. He needs those to drive because he was in an accident.
"You can see right where the telephone poll landed right on the passenger side of me and my brother," Vaughn said.
The accident left him paralyzed, bound to a chair. His community is standing up for him, raising money for the standing chair. The chair would change his life in many ways, but he wants it for one of life's most exciting milestones.
"I'm gonna want to drive my truck to prom and I've got a special date for that," Vaughn said. 
He knows that life will continue throwing him challenges, but he says he's not going to take them sitting down.
"I'm not going to back down from it," Vaughn said.