Investigator: No sign progressives mistreated


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WASHINGTON (AP) - A Treasury Department inspector general says he has no evidence that progressive groups seeking tax-exempt status got tough treatment from the Internal Revenue Service.
In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, J. Russell George says that while the term "Progressives" appeared on a list IRS screeners used to look for groups with potential problems, he has no indication that agency workers set aside applications from progressives for tough scrutiny.
Democrats have complained that a report George released last month revealing IRS mistreatment of tea party groups unfairly omitted mention of progressives.

Earlier story:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The chief of the Internal Revenue Service is facing questions from Congress for the first time since documents showed that progressives joined the tea party on a list of groups that screeners handling applications for tax-exempt status were to watch closely.
Danny Werfel's appearance Thursday before the House Ways and Means Committee was to be the third time he's testified to Congress since President Barack Obama appointed him to head the troubled agency last month.
On Monday, Werfel said that when he took office, the IRS was still using inappropriate terms to choose applicants for close scrutiny. He says he stopped the practice.
Werfel issued a report that day blaming management failures but saying he had no evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone inside or outside the agency.

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