Counselors console athlete's parents after rollover


Reporter - Robert Bradfield

PADUCAH - Fortunately, no one on board the Union County, Kentucky bus sustained life-threatening injuries and for Four Rivers Behavioral Health Counselor Jennifer Villarreal, that news made her job a little easier.

"Once we found out that the worst injury was a broken femur, it was a blessing," she said.

Villarreal is a licensed professional clinical counselor.  After she got word of Friday's rollover, she headed to the hospitals to help calm the parent's down.  "The attitude in there was of course tense but pretty calm, but the families really bonded together to support each other," Villarreal said. 

As a counselor, Villarreal spent time with parents, giving them updates and responding with what she calls emergency first aid.

"The biggest thing that can help people is getting them information and so that's something we can do is help relay information between the parents or help coordinate things," she said.

Because at that time, most parents were unaware of the extent of injuries, but thankfully, most of the softball players were discharged that night.

"It could have been much worse," she said.