Cupcakes for a cause


Jonathan Warren

PADUCAH — Recent allegations of abuse and improper euthanasia practices at the McCracken County Humane Society sparked a lot of outrage from the public, enough that McCracken County terminated its contract with the Humane Society and is starting it's own shelter.

But the allegations also sparked a lot of support from local people offering to help.

Diane Downs cupcake recipe is pretty simple.

"It's a secret ingredient and I can't tell you," she said of the recipe. "A lot of love goes into my cupcakes."

So this past weekend, she took that secret recipe and made 600 cupcakes for a good cause.

"They can't speak for themselves, so they need someone on their side."

She has a love for dogs, cats, and animals of any kind. When she heard about the allegations against employees at the McCracken County Humane Society, she was shocked.

"How somebody could be, their lack of concern and so cold and the treatment of them because they are helpless."

That shock turned into motivation.

"I thought this would be something that I could do, that wouldn't be out of my reach and maybe raise a little bit of money."

And with her baking skills, she did just that.

"A little bit can go a long way and I just proved that. My little investment for flour eggs and sugar resulted in $750 in donations."

That money is being spent at Lowes. She's purchasing a storage building for the new McCracken County Animal Shelter.

"There's been an outpouring of donations of dog food and cat food and they've had nowhere to put it," she said. "Hopefully, if we can get it out of the building, it would free up more space for kennels."

A little space that will go a long way to give these animals a chance at a good life.

"Anything is better than what they've had, being in the shelter and being scared," she said. "They need a loving home."

Animal Control Officer Jeff Brown said this new building will help with storing supplies. Federal Materials donated the concrete to pour for a foundation where the building will be placed at the new shelter.