Dancing Freddie is at it again


Marissa Hollowed

PADUCAH - If you haven't already, lace up your dancing shoes.

Freddie Hicks is at it again in the Kroger parking lot in the Hannan Plaza in Paducah. He's been dancing for 8 hours every day this week.

This is Freddie's 11th year to dance to raise money for the Telethon. The donations go to help support children and adults with special needs.

Donations range from a few singles to a few $20 bills.

From the salsa, to the cha-cha slide, to the waltz, to the electric slide, Freddie starts to get a little worn out. He's gotten holes in a few pairs of shoes and had to ice his feet.

To Freddie, it's worth the pain, and some confused stares. He remembers a past Telethon where a little girl in a wheel chair asked him to dance.

"I've watched her over the years and I've seen her get up out of that chair and take a step. That's what this is all about. To see a child take a step because of the intense therapy that he/she has gotten. This is why I do this," says Freddie.

One onlooker told Local 6, "At one time I had a handicapped child, so I know what he is doing is really great."

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