Debris removal information in Brookport- to begin Monday


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

UPDATE: The Massac County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency will not be taking volunteers on Monday due to heavy equipment being in the area to begin removing debris. There will be no organized volunteer effort until after Thursday, November 27th.

Citizens are urged to bring there debris to close to the street in the right of way so the equipment can reach it. we will not come on your private property. Please attempt to sort your debris as follows:

- Make piles near the roadway with clean wood and tree an shrub material in one pile
- Metals should be in a separate pile and building materials like insulation plastics shingles and other roofing material an siding in a another.


MASSAC Co, Ill - The cleanup has already begun in Brookport, and the Massac County Emergency Management Agency is ready to remove debris.

Crews will begin picking up debris Monday, November 25 to Wednesday, November 27th.

Residents must sort the material in order for it to be eligible to be picked up. Neither Hazardous materials, chemicals, batteries, electronics, nor tires will be collected curbside.

Volunteers will be available in assisting with material sorting and collection. Volunteers will not be available Sunday, November 24th, but are still encouraged and requested at Veach's at 8:30a.m. Monday, November 25th. 

Those in need of volunteer help are encouraged to call the Brookport City Council Chambers at (618) 564-3016.

Residents are able to bring their own debri or lumber for burning at the designated burn site off West 3rd Street.

Private contractors and individuals providing repair services need to register with the City of Brookport prior to providing services.