Details on cargo ship that hit Eggner's Ferry Bridge


Web Editor - Jay Marchmon
Reporter - Kendall Downing

Editor's note: Updated with video from Friday's 6 p.m. broadcast

AURORA, Ky. — Local 6 has new details about the cargo ship that struck the US 68/KY 80 Eggner's Ferry Bridge Thursday night, collapsing a section and closing the bridge and river shipping lanes.

Seattle-based Foss Maritime owns the boat, and we spoke with Foss spokesperson Sam Sacco about the vessel.

Sacco said there are NASA parts on the ship. The parts were on the way to Cape Canaveral, Fla., but no word on how the delay might affect NASA plans.

The ship has been running for 10 years, and the crew is experienced and focused on safety with all transportation tasks.

No fuel tank ruptures or major structural damage reported, and even though the ship is stationary now, it is capable of moving.

Foss said the company is working fully with the investigation and cooperating with the Coast Guard.

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