Ditch designed to solve decade-old problem


Reporter- Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist- Mason Watkins

Arlington, Ky.- It has taken more than 7 years, but Beverly Carnell finally got the call she's been waiting for on Tuesday. The Carlisle County road department is starting work in a ditch behind her house.

Carnell has argued that flash flooding problems stem from the farmer's field on the other side of the ditch. She says the water run off is too great for the ditch and the water comes rushing at her house anytime there is a significant rain.

Local 6 was out at her house several times over the past year and talked with neighbors, city and county leaders. All agreed there was a problem, but couldn't figure out who could fix it or pay for it to be fixed. 

Arlington Mayor Bobby McGee said he's been working on a solution for more than 10 years and  is relived they finally came to an agreement. 

National Resources Conservation Service officials are the ones who surveyed the land and drew up the blue prints. It's up to Jerry Bowman, Road Supervisor and Engineer, to follow through. He told Local 6 the plan for a deeper ditch is thorough.

"I understand they (landowners) don't want to tear up their fields, but they understand that there are problems and they're working with them," he said.

While McGee didn't know the the cost of the project, he did know that the County would be picking up most of the bill. The city may have to chip in for some rock. Bowman said the project could be finished in a couple of days if weather permits.  


"It's going to be 30 foot wide at the top," he said. "It will come down one side with a four to one slope to 15 foot wide at the bottom. "We'll have about a four foot berm or dirt levee down the side to hold the water and keep it from jumping over."

The ditch will lead to a creek which will be cleaned out. McGee said it will be up to the city, county, and landowner to help keep the ditch and creek clear.