Economy benefits from stardust circus


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Randall Varnes





McCracken County, Ky—From daredevils and acrobats to aerialists and jugglers, performers with the Stardust Circus showed off their skills for local families. The Paducah Convention and Visitor's Bureau uses events like this to draw tourists in and deposit extra money in the local economy.

Viewer Lilly Kaler went to the circus with her family and said, "We're excited. We're waiting for what's going to come." Kaler's daughter, Cecilia, said she has not been to a circus since she was two years old and she was really excited to see the animals.

The two-hour show started off with cotton candy and popcorn while families waited for the acts to take the stage. "We've got our cotton candies and our toys and our sparkly stuff, so we're ready to go," said Kaler.

Paducah Visitor's Bureau Marketing Director Laura Schaumburg said the circus is a great event, not only for families like the Kaler's but, for the economy as well.

Schaumburg said, "Absolutely helps our economy, bringing in new money, people from out of town to visit and not only experience Paducah, but their boosting our economy, their spending money in our restaurants, hotels and attractions."

Schaumburg said the Visitor's Bureau is always adding events to attract different groups of people. "More events is always great. People are constantly looking at our calendar of events, looking for things to do and each event is another opportunity."

Kaler said, "We need more events like that, reasonable price and family fun together."