Eight years after deadly tornado, local tourist destination looks back on progress made


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - The owners of Moors Campground reflect on the EF3 tornado that tore through their property eight years ago Friday.

"We had to literally go through and call everyone and tell them we don't really know where your camper is," said Kathy Wood.  She knows it could have been worse. 

"Had it happened in July,  we would have most likely had death," she said. The marina even took a hit.  "Some boats were found five miles down the lake.  They blew out of the harbor," Wood said.

The tornado, at times five football fields wide, destroyed all 113 Rv's.  "The propane tanks, you could hear them hissing.  So you had to go on a hunt for the propane tanks to make sure they aren't going to explode," she recalled.

"There are lessons learned from every event that we go through," said Melissa McFerrin.  She was Marshall County's administrative specialist for emergency management in 2005.

She's now the county's emergency management director. McFerrin said the county, which had one death, made changes after that Tuesday afternoon.

"We learned from 2005, debris management was an issue, communications was an issue," McFerrin said.

Wood learned something too - resilience can outlast any tornado.

"This was easy to deal with in the respect that all that we had to do was rebuild," Wood said.