Fancy Farm attendees speak up and show out


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

FANCY FARM, Ky.---We caught up with some of the most interesting and outspoken characters.

"If I could fit into an Air Force Uniform, I would wear it, unfortunately I cant,"  Charles Hayes said.

Hayes said the 1770's outfit he worn to the event is the next best thing.
He said he retired from the Air Force and as a Tea Party member, is now devoted to restoring America.

A message he says is going over well with this crowd, for the most part.

"One little girl about four foot high put a jujitsu move on me, but that's all," Hayes said.

Turns out Hayes wasn't the only one with this idea. Another man dressed in 1770's apparel walked up to him and said hello.

The goal is to be noticed, to stand out, but in a crowd like this that's not so easy.

Christopher Gutierrez campaigns for immigration reform by using 'family' to tug at the heartstrings. This issue is near to his heart.

"I'm Mexican American, I was raised by my grandparents in Mexico," Gutierrez said.

For John Wallace with the Grimes campaign, it's about quantity. He's passing out as many of these signs as possible.

"It couldn't hurt to see support and that's what its about," Wallace said.

All of these people hope their message stands above the rest.

All of the people interviewed said they were not from our area, many of them were paid to campaign.