Fans take in SEMO-SIU game at Busch Stadium


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ST. LOUIS, MO. -- For Joshua Portell and his three children watching Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois at Busch Stadium was an experience he will never forget.

"This is my first college football game ever," Portell said, who is a SEMO fan. "With this being in my home town of St. Louis, it is extra special."

The Portell's were not the only ones who couldn't help to take in the experience of a football game played on the diamond.

"I thought it was great," said David Sluzevich, an SIU fan. "We planned to come to this game when we lived in Benton. Now that we moved up here, it was just natural to come to the game."

There is no arguing that Busch Stadium gets loud during St. Louis Cardinal games, but the atmosphere for a football game is a little different.

"The biggest difference is that you don't have an entire stadium cheering for one team," said Laura St. George, who is a Cardinal and SIU fan. "You hear two sides of the stadium doing two different things."

"It's so much better than a normal college stadium," said James Combs, an SIU fan. "This is unbelievable."

"Being a Cardinals fan all my life, and experiencing this with my kids is amazing," said Portell.

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