Fatal Calloway County fire under investigation


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

HAZEL, Ky. - The cause of an early morning fire is under investigation but foul play is not suspected.  Firefighters responded to a home at 820 3rd Street around 5 Wednesday morning.

Crews controlled the fire within 30 minutes and a short time later the body of a young female was discovered in a bedroom.

Family and friends say it was Patty Bohne.  Bohne, 32, had recently moved to the neighborhood with her boyfriend and two children.  The children were visiting their grandfather in East Kentucky at the time of the fire by Bohne's boyfriend was at home.

Dale Earnest tells Local 6 he woke up early to make coffee and take out the trash when he heard a boom and saw the couple's home on fire.  Earnest says he went back inside but was unable to reach Bohne.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday in Madisonville.

For those looking to help, sizes are as follows: 

Alyssa, 15: small shirt (junior's), size 5 pant (junior's), 9.5-10 women's shoe

Garrett, 12: large shirt (boy's), size 12 pants (boy's), 6 shoe 

Bohne's boyfriend, Dale Earnest also lived with the family.

He wears a 32x32 pant and large shirt. 

Michelle Sharp is collecting donations.  She can be reached at 270-293-6264.