Four Arrested for Meth


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - One day, four drug arrests.  That's how detectives with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department described July 11, 2013.

On Thursday afternoon, detectives say they saw a man and a woman acting suspicious in the Forest Hills area of Paducah, Kentucky.  After speaking with the two and conducting a small investigation, detectives realized the man was Carlton Earl Anderson.

Investigators say Anderson had three outstanding warrants from 2010 for probation charges.  Detectives arrested and lodged him in the McCracken County Regional Jail.

In a separate investigation, detectives say they saw Daniel Clayton of Kevil driving on Schneidman Road with his leg hanging outside of the vehicle.  They pulled Clayton over.  That's when they discovered he did not have a valid license.  Detectives say he was also holding methamphetamine, a meth-loaded syringe and meth pipes in his hand.

Clayton was on bond at the time on other charges.  Detectives arrested and lodged him in the McCracken County Region Jail.

A follow-up of Clayton's arrest led detectives to Harry and Harold Mason, both of Paducah.  When investigators searched their home, they say they found meth paraphernalia and a small amount of meth.  Detectives arrested both Harry and Harold Mason and lodged them in the McCracken County Regional Jail.