Generous woman gets surprising royal appreciation


Miltimedia Journalist - Julie Collins

DYERSBURG, Tn. - In a small town like this, sometimes it's the little things that loom large. Sometimes it's those who need help that actually help out.

Her nimble hands help tell the story of 83 year-old Mary Anderson.

"Everything is made by pure luck, I guess. I don't know what you'd call it," Anderson said.

Knit one, pearl two, and this woman crocheted for a prince in royal blue.

"I was doing it for the pleasure of giving somebody something that was homemade," Anderson said.

A set of blue booties and a hat were hand crafted for Prince George. Her daughter-in-law, Sander Anderson, made sure they got there. They had to fill out custom forms and send the package in a little white box. They doubted it would ever get across the ocean.

But it did, and in less than a month, she got a royal return.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was so kindly pleased, and send you their thanks and warmest wishes," Anderson said, quoting the card that was sent to her.

Mary says she now feels like a princess.

She had a pink and blue set made up just in case, and Mary says she would love to make the royal couple another set of booties and hat if the Good Lord allows her to.