Good samaritan returns hundreds of dollars to patron


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - More than $400 for charity was nearly lost Wednesday if not for the actions of a good samaritan.

Daniel Vaden was vacumming the inside of a car at Expressway Carwash in Paducah, Kentucky when he found an envelope.

The words "soup kitchen" were written on the front, and inside the envelope, more than $420.

Vaden returned the envelope to the car's owner, who said they didn't know the envelope was in the car.  Vaden says he just wanted to the right thing.

"It made me feel good inside.  It gave me a good conscience," Vaden said.

Vaden was rewarded for his honesty with a $20 tip, a thank you letter from his boss and a few gift cards.