Harrisburg Mayor Resigns


WPSD Producers

Eric Gregg, the Mayor of Harrisburg, IL, officially stepped down this morning.

Gregg resigned his position as Mayor after two years. He turned the position over to Councilmember Ron Crank, a man he calls a colleague and a dear friend.

The two have a special bond as they have each beat life-threatening illnesses, offering both emotional and physical support to each other along the way.

Gregg has seen the small town through a lot in the last two years. He says he has the community to thank for making the most of his term: "Through a flood, a tornado and a personal sickness, I've done my best to see this city through to a brighter future and you have stood with me every single step of the way," Gregg said.

Gregg has accepted a job with the state as a member of the Illinois Prison Review Board but plans to still be very active in the Saline County community.