Hundreds come out and sign up for volunteer fair


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Mike Spissinger

PADUCAH, Ky. - We at WPSD local 6 have partnered with six disaster relief organizations at Kentucky Oaks Mall for the Volunteer Fair. The goal is to get people in our area trained, so they have the skills they need to help people during and after a disaster.

The organizers helped each and every person figure out the best way for them to serve. "I'd really be looking for water rescue," said Robert Milner. He moved to the area a few years ago, and noticed the need for volunteers was obvious. He said,  "My first year was the ice storm, next year was the 50 year flood, next year was the 100 year flood, then there was the drought."

"It's things like this that help you open your eyes to that and get you prepared and in a position to be useful," said Milner.

Delvonne Bevineau is a veteran, and said helping others helps him. "It helps me keep my mind off of negative things, things I've been through, being in Iraq... coming out helping is something I enjoy doing," said Bevineau.

It's also something the community needs more of. Milner said, "You just can't help but get caught up in it."

Some organizations do run background checks. Those with criminal histories may not be able to volunteer.

Missed the volunteer fair but still want to sign up?

Here is how.  For more information on:

-- Paducah District of the United Methodist Church, call 270-442-0077 or email

-- McCracken County Rescue, email

-- Civil Air Patrol, email Greg Siener at or call 270-559-6020 or Kurt schmidt at or call 270-210-2798.

-- The Salvation Army, click here or email Caral Herring at or call 270-442-2198.

-- Red Cross, email Allison Devine at or call 270-442-3575.

-- McCracken County Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief, email  or Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief at