Hundreds of state employees get layoff notices


Kendall Downing

TAMMS, Ill. - Hundreds of employees at Tamms Correctional Center and other Illinois state facilities targeted for closure received their layoff notices Monday.

An AFSCME Union representative told Local 6 the union is surprised by the move since they're still at the bargaining table with the state.

Tamms Union President Lt. Toby Oliver said employees are disappointed it appears Governor Pat Quinn is moving forward with plans to close the prison.

"Come August you won't have a job, that plays with a lot of people's emotions and what they're going through with their families. Do they need to find another job? What are they going to do? It's disheartening," said Oliver.

A state advisory panel recommended just a few weeks ago that both the Tamms Correctional Center and Illinois Youth Center in Murphysboro remain open for the next fiscal year.

A spokesperson with the Illinois Department of Corrections said Monday afternoon the state is required to notify employees 30 days before a facility is slated to close and the layoff notices are simply a part of that process.