Wounded Warriors: hunting & mobility bring two together


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - David Dykus

Nobody wants to be stuck in a wheelchair but in the case of these two men, John Steffes and Chuck Lee, their wheelchairs brought them together and bonded them for life. 

"I think it's our lucky day, I found a lucky penny today at the restaurant it's gonna be our day."

The goal is to a kill buck,  but if that doesn't happen for John Steffes the day is still a success. 

 "It's not just a simple thing, I need help with everything just about, practically."

Four years ago Hohn suffered a stroke, paralyzing his left side. He thought he'd never be back in a blind again, until his small community of St. Cloud, Wisconsin came together and raised 25 thousand dollars.  

"The out pouring was wonderful." 

They bought him the Go-Anywhere Beast - the humvee of personal mobility. 

With treads instead of wheels, this 10 thousand dollar action track chair opened a door to more of the outdoors. The extra 14 thousand was donated to wounded warriors, an organization Chuck Lee is a part of after being sprayed with nerve gas in Iraq in 1991. 
"It did some damage to my insides, it and it's been a struggle."
The two met here at Deer Daven Trophy Buck. They've had different life-altering moments but through this chair they've now bonded.