ISP: More details divulged from Sunday's storms


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

MASSAC Co, Ill -  The Illinois State Police conducted a press conference in which they divulged more information about the status of the region after the Sunday storms.

Currently, volunteers and those who do not live in the area are being turned away from the Brookport, and Massac County area so that officials can conduct an official survey and assessment of the damage and the damaged area. 

Officials are reporting three deceased from the Brookport, Massac county area: Kathy George, 58, Robert Harmon, 56, and Scholitta Burrus, 63. Two of the fatalities were from the Unionville area.

Coroners confirmed blunt force trauma as the reason for all three fatalities.

Since 2 a.m. this morning, all missing persons have been accounted for in shelters or the homes of friends and families.

Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder has determined that 50 residences have been destroyed, and that the Sheriff's Office is maintaining security on the scene to protect against theft.

Rick Shanklin with the National Weather Service is currently conducting surveys to determine the intensity of Sunday's storms. The assessment of the damage in Southern Illinois will likely be completed early this afternoon, and will begin looking into Kentucky's damage afterward. 

Shanklin said most of the damage was from an EF-1, -2, and a low-end EF-3 tornado. Peak winds reached up to 140mph. There was one super-cell tornado reported.

Tina Hail from Ameren says about half of the affected area has had energy restored since 9:30 a.m. The rest of the area is expected to have power restored by noon.

Dean Scott with Liberty Gas has reported that all leaks due to damage have been repaired. Officials are in the process of abandoning all 25 affected houses.

The Brookport Bridge will remain closed until further notice. The storm loosened a guardrail on the bridge, causing damage, and closing off at least one lane heading into Kentucky. 

A curfew is still in effect until further notice from 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. 

First Baptist Church out of Metropolis is asking for cleaning supply donations. A 24-hour hold has been requested on all other donations. 

There is no word on the exact extent of the damage.

Insurance companies are not on site.