ISP teaching powerful lesson at Du Quoin State Fair


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

DU QUOIN, Ill. - In the midst of the food stands and rides at the Du Quoin State Fair, the Illinois State Police are reminding us about Scott's Law.

Scott's Law was enacted after a Chicago-area trooper was struck and killed by a drunk driver back in 2000.

It requires that drivers move over when they see flashing lights.

Because two more troopers have been killed in nearly the same way, Illinois State Police are honoring one a victim by displaying his motorcycle at the fair.

Every day Trooper Joey Watson salutes his fallen friend and colleague's bike. 

"Trooper Deathreage is not able to take car of his equipment himself, I do it for him," Watson said.

32-year-old Kyle Deathreage was killed on the job when a driver failed to move over at the sight of flashing lights.

He was struck by a semi.

"When he went to work he had plans that evening to go on a date with his wife when he got back," Trooper Watson said.

Watson remembers Trooper Deathreage's passion above all else.

"He was very pro-ISP, he loved his job."

So now he's bringing awareness to a very serious issue with a very simple instruction.

"If it has blinking lights, get away from it," Watson said.

Trooper Watson says if it's impossible for you to get over when you see flashing lights, you should drop your speed by 20 miles per hour.