J.T. Graves still playing golf at 93


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PADUCAH, KY -- If you're ever at Paxton Park and hear whistling, chances are it's J.T. Graves. At 93 years old, Graves plays the game just about everyday and still has a passion for it.

"It means almost everything to me right now," Graves said. "I can't garden anymore, and this is the only game I can play. It gives me a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the company of people."

Graves, who owned his own plumbing, heating, and air company, still remembers the day he picked up the game at Ballard Country Club in 1967.

"I borrowed thirty dollars from my wife to buy a set of used clubs," Graves said. "That was the first time I ever played."

"My wife and I both would play," Graves said. "We would close our store at five in the summer time and be on the course in ten minutes."

Now 46 years later, his passion is still stronger than ever, and it is evident for everyone who plays with him.

"He's always positive," said John Stone a friend of Graves. "Even after twelve bad shots in a row, he just says it could be worse and moves on."

"That may be the key to his longevity," Paxton Park golf professional Danny Mullen said. "He doesn't take it too seriously and enjoys it. He truly enjoys that he can play the game."

And you can always tell when he is enjoying the game.

"It's a good thing if I'm still whistling," Graves said.

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