Jury convicts Eddie Russell


Reporter- Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Clutching a Bible, Eddie Russell learned his fate. After just an hour of deliberations, a jury convicted him of complicity to murder, complicity to attempted murder, complicity to robbery and burglary, and two counts of complicity to wanton endangerment.

Investigators say Russell was the mastermind behind the plan to rob the home of his ex-girl friend's family. Russell, they say, drove two men to the home of Richard and Sharon Jett in February 2012, giving them a gun and instructing them where to find other guns and money.

Richard Jett was fatally wounded. His wife, Sharon was shot 5 times but survived.

The guilty verdict brought to an end a 17 month nightmare for Sharon and her stepdaughter, Amanda.

Amanda Jett told the jury she was grateful for their verdict because, "I will never get my Dad back."

Before the sentencing phase, Jett told the jury, "My Dad was my life, I was Daddy's little girl. It's hard to adjust.

Her stepmother, Sharon Jett found it difficult to even talk about life without her husband, breaking down at several points.

She spoke directly to Eddie Russell saying, "I hope you find the Lord before you die. Packing this bible that ain't helping him. I hope you change your life."

Eddie Russell, when he testified told the Jetts he had saying, "I've been praying for ya'll for a year and half."

He said he was sorry for what happened, but still skirted responsibility.

The jury recommended sentences totalling 25 years.  Russell will be formally sentenced August 19th.

Two other men have taken plea deals in the case. James Kirby is serving a 30-year sentence. Richard Phipps received a life sentence.