Keystone Pipeline opponents hold rally on MSU campus


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

MURRAY, Ky. - Murray State students are passionate about the Keystone Pipeline.

"This is detrimental for our climate," said Allison Crawford, the co-president of the Murray Environmental Students Society.  She opposes any plans to expand the pipeline.

"I would prefer to see our government and companies invest in more renewable energies that would support a more sustainable future," she said.

An on-campus rally Friday coincides with other rallies across the country this weekend.  But, a Rasmussen Poll shows 58% of people support the project while 26% are opposed.  A TransCanada spokesperson told us, "This pipeline is a critical infrastructure project for the energy security of the United States,"

The proposed expansion does not run through the Local 6 region, but Crawford said the changes to the climate the pipes will bring could affect everyone.

"This is globally, not just Kentucky, not just the nation, global climate change.

And it's change Crawford said she does not want to see.