Local 6 to go HD, set revamp already under way


Reporter - Todd Faulkner
Photojournalist - David Dycus

PADUCAH — You're going to start seeing some changes here on Local 6 newscasts.

For starters, we're revamping and enhancing parts of our news set.

It's not just a facelift. One of the reasons for the set upgrade is because we'll start airing our newscasts in high definition starting in June.

Crew members took out old portions of the news set and installed new parts Friday.

The changes are subtle but you'll start to notice them over the next few weeks.

Much of what you see is thanks to hard-working men and women in this area.

"A lot of our elements are made right here locally," said James Gott, an engineer with Local 6. "We could have (gone) with a company out in Oregon, something like that, cost us a lot of money, been done, shipped in, we put it in place. But we figured, why not stimulate the economy and do it locally?"

For more on the transition, take a look at the video. If you're viewing this page on our mobile app, head to the videos section.