Local kindergarten students using iPads in the classroom


Reporter - Todd Faulkner
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

PADUCAH — iPod, iPhone, iPad, computers, smart phones and GPS devices. Technology is everywhere we turn and plays a role in almost everything we do.

This is true in our personal lives and in our professional ones. Now, local educators are using some pretty neat technology with their youngest students.

The iPad is arguably one of the most popular new gadgets in the world today and now is a teaching tool in local classrooms.

"I believe that all kids need to be technology literate, whether they're five or 15," Morgan Elementary School's Julie Gargus said. She is a kindergarten teacher at the school and has her students use the iPad on a regular basis.

"I'm still doing the teaching but it gives them opportunities to reinforce those skills for students who don't grasp the skills the first time. It gives them that extra practice," Gargus said.

She added that the programs the kids use on the iPad drive home important lessons learned in the classroom.

Instructional Assistant Curt Stewart is helping the teachers download apps relating to the lesson plan.

"Thousands of apps are made every day and so there are literally hundreds just for kindergarten," Stewart said.

He looks for apps with specific teaching tools.

"So, if it's number sequencing or sight words, spelling, I would go find apps that would work for their age group at that level."

Gargus added, "It's exciting to them and when kids are excited about learning, that has a real positive impact."

Morgan Elementary School isn't the only school in the Paducah using iPads in the classroom. Students at Clark Elementary School are also using them. In fact, the school has 90 iPads the roughly 550 students use on a regular basis at one time or another.

Paducah City Schools spent roughly $16,000 to purchase the iPads and more are on the way.

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