Local pageant winner prepares to part with trophies and tiaras


Reporter - Briana Conner
Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tn.— If Honey Boo Boo and her tiara-toting friends make you cringe, don't worry! Bella Turnbow is sure to make you smile. She's been competing in local pageants since she was four months old. She has more than a few titles, tiaras and trophies to show for it, and she's using them to show that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

Bella has so many titles, it gets tough trying to remember what's what. She also has a winning walk and plenty of poise, but she said she knows even princesses can't win all the time. "Even when I don't win, I'm still pretty," said Bella. 

That's a lesson her mom taught early on, but Brianna Turnbow said there's one thing she's never had to explain. "She likes to give, and she does have a big heart," she said. 

That's why she wasn't too surprised when Bella announced, after watching a St. Jude commercial, she was ready to part with the tiaras and trophies she's earned. Bella said, "It made me think that the little girls had cancer, and I wanted to make them fell better."

The Turnbows know cancer can make kids feel a lot of things, but pretty isn't usually one of them. Brianna said, "We know the worries they're going through." Her younger brother was diagnosed with melanoma when he was 12. Bella said, "I think he's special because he's my uncle."

He's now in remission, but Bella said other kids with cancer should feel special too because they're still beautiful. So, she's getting ready to give out trophies to go along with treatment. "I'm excited to see the faces of the little girls and little boys," said Brianna. Bella said, "It makes me feel happy too." 

The Turnbows will deliver the tiaras and trophies to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in June. Any other pageant winners or coaches in the area who want to help them collect more can email Brianna at bturnbow54@bethelu.edu.