No pre-treatment ahead of next winter weather system


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Mike Bradford

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - Snow is expected to blanket areas already hit with snow earlier this week, but some road crews have made the decision not to pre-treat, and that could make for even more slippery conditions on Saturday morning.

Marshall County road crews started clearing snow-covered streets at 7:00 on Friday morning, but Superintendent Russell York says his team is having a hard time getting rid of all of it.

"Usually in shady spots they are just having trouble with the ice coming up. It's staying on the ground," York said.

The snow, mixed with ice already on the ground, could become problematic tomorrow. The cold road conditions do not allow for salt to stick, so the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will hold off on salting or putting crews on the road until late Friday night.

KYTC Spokesperson Keith Todd says the state's salt supply is running thin, so unless the state needs to pre-treat, it won't.

York says Marshall County roads are clear and were pre-treated earlier today. He says it is a waiting game to see how much snow falls, and how bad it is going to get.

"There is enough salt already on the roads that we probably won't have to pre-treat. So, we are waiting for it to start falling," York said.

Heavily traveled roads are already clear, but the superintendent of the road department wants drivers to be careful on side or back roads. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is expecting more shipments of snow early next week. Todd says the state is unable to fill requests from county and city governments for additional salt at this time.

If you are out driving tonight, you are asked to be aware of the crews that will be out and give them plenty of room to work.