Local woman's soldier husband killed in Afghanistan violence


Kendall Downing

OLIVE BRANCH, Ill. — A local woman's husband was one of two American soldiers killed Wednesday night during a protest in Afghanistan.

The violence began Tuesday after coalition forces burned Islamic literature.

Megan Born grew up in Olive Branch, Illinois. She and her husband Joshua Born had been married since June of 2010.

"It's crazy how I found out," said Born.

Born can't stop thinking about the text message that changed her life.

"She got a text from an army wife on post who had heard," said Cindy Parker, Megan's mother.

She had heard the news Megan's Army husband Josh was dead.

He'd been shot to death in the chest near the military police post in Afghanistan where he worked.

"We didn't quite believe that anything happened to him. We thought it was just a mix-up," said Parker.

Parker said she and her daughter started making calls.

They'd just talked to Josh hours before. He'd told them the violence was getting worse.

"Somehow it had leaked out and somebody told her on Facebook," said Parker.

Parker said another Army wife posted information about Josh's death on Facebook. That's how the news spread.

"Finally, a major called her and let her know that Josh had been shot, that he didn't make it through surgery," said Parker.

In the time since then, Megan Born said the support's been overwhelming.

"There's been people adding me on Facebook that I don't even know just so they can tell me they're sorry," said Born.

Parker said the Army is investigating how information about Josh's death was leaked.

Megan and her mother are heading to Dover Air Force base in Delaware, where Josh's body will arrive tomorrow.