Looking back at 30th anniversary of Carlisle County's run to state


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1983 was a year that will never be forgotten in Carlisle County, the Comets were playing for the biggest prize high school basketball could offer.

"We were ranked 25th in the nation and felt like we could win," said Craynor Slone, the Comets' coach at the time. "Not just top 5 in the state but ranked as the best in the nation. We felt like we could play with anybody."

Almost a mirror image of another David versus Goliath story of a team from a small town playing on the big stage against a bigger opponent.

"Its all about five people on five," said Phillip Hall, a senior guard on the 1983 squad. "It doesnt have to do with the school. You could have a million people. But if you have a team dedicated to teamwork you can do it."

The title wasnt meant to be for the Comets, falling by just two points in the final second of the third overtime against Henry Clay.

"We played hard," Hall admitted. "We did everything right. It was heartbreaking. I cant explain how hard it is to be two points from a state championship."

But they would change nothing.

"As I look back on it, we gave everything we had," said Keith York, who was a senior forward in 1983. "We did the best we could and what we had accomplished."  

"We had unbelievable fan support," said David Rambo, who was a guard for the Comets 30 years ago. "Whereever we went the fans were there, very supportive. They gave us a big reception once we got home. It sunk in quick it was something special."

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