Marshall County marks tornado anniversary


Chief Meteorologist - Jennifer Rukavina
Photojournalist - Mike Spissinger

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - One of the largest tornado outbreaks for our region in the past decade produced several destructive tornadoes across the area five years ago.

One of those tornadoes, an F3, struck Marshall County leaving a path of severe damage to The Moors and Big Bear Highway area. One death and several injuries were a result in addition to hundreds of homes having some kind of damage. Five years later, there are still some physical signs that the tornado ripped through but those have begun to slowly fade away.

On the outskirts of our region, an F4 tornado left significant damage in Madisonville/Earlington, Kentucky, in Hopkins County. No deaths were reported but several injuries and hundreds of homes were either destroyed or severely damaged. This tornado would become the strongest, most destructive tornado in the United States for 2004.

I sat down with Warning Coordination Meteorologist Rick Shanklin with the Paducah National Weather Service to discuss what moments stuck out from the event, what lessons were learned, and how unique the Marshall County tornado was to this area.

Click the video to see the story that aired on Local 6.  Click on the related content link to see the extended interview with Rick Shanklin.

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