Mayfield Police Officers on board school buses


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Michael Bradford

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Not stopping for a school bus could soon mean jail time for drivers.

Police say keeping children safe is so important there will be no warnings.

Randy Smith is the Director of Transportation for Mayfield City Schools and says drivers are not paying attention.

"They come in almost daily complaining that someone's passed their stop arm when they're loading or unloading," he said of his drivers.

Now, police are riding on those buses as often as they can, armed with note pads.

"With us sitting right behind the bus driver and the stop arm we can read the license plates as they go by," Officer Brock Martin explained.

He says it is beginning to pay off. Drivers, he says are slowing up, but he is not slowing down.

"We're locking them up just so we can make sure our kids, along with everyone else's are safe," he said.

On any given day, there are anywhere from one to four officers riding those buses.

A lot of times those officers are off the clock, volunteering their time.

Mayfield's Police Chief says he will keep officers on the bus until drivers get the message.