McConnell: President Obama has created a 'war on coal'


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

PADUCAH - Senator Mitch McConnell says most of Kentucky is in a depression - sparked by President Obama's regulations on coal.

"The administration is issuing regulations that the people in the industry tell me, guarantee, there will never be coal fire generation plant built in America," Senator McConnell said.

McConnell said if the Tennessee Valley Authority shuts down the Paradise Fossil Plant, the affects would be felt across the state, including on your utility bill.

"The way we are competitive for jobs is our low utility rates.  So the extent utility rates go up, even if you are not in a county that is digging coal, and you didn't use lose your job, as a result on the war on coal, you could be affected by this," he said.

The Kentucky Environmental Foundation wants the TVA to take a closer look at the plant's emissions.  The Foundation released a 44 page Health Assessment last year.  The Foundation's health coordinator says Senator McConnell needs to be more concerned about the health issues than protecting the profits of the coal companies.

"When you have a cheap energy source, it doesn't necessarily mean that that energy source, the cost of that energy source stop at the smoke stack," said Deborah Payne.

As the TVA considers the future of the Paradise Fossil Plant, McConnell vows to stand up to those who think kentucky would be better off if the plant goes offline.