Men's Health: Mike's Colonoscopy


Reporter - Mike Mallory
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 This was supposed to be a story in which I encouraged you to get that first colonoscopy even if you're like me and there's no history of colon cancer in your family.  

"Trying to look for any kind of polyps...because that's why we're here."    
To my surprise, they did find something.
"He's got at least two polyps."
At this stage, the polyps are easily removed.  Test results are already back, and they weren't cancerous.  That's the whole point of a colonoscopy.  To find anything abnormal, and find it early.
"We run a race with everybody every day.  Get your colonoscopy before it grows into cancer.  The 200 people I've diagnosed in my 18 years having colon cancer, everyone of them said the same thing:  'Man, I wish I'd  had a colonoscopy when I was told.'"
So backing up to the week before the colonoscopy to show just how simple a process this is.  First, some questions and paperwork.
Then, what everyone seems to agree is the worst part:  the day before!  No solid foods all day. 
"Mmmmmmm, good chicken broth."
The night before, the "cleansing" drink.  Not so long ago, everyone had to drink a gallon of a salty mixture. Newer patients get to take the newer 5-oz shot that actually tastes pretty good, and follow it with water.  Whichever you drink, it will get you in the bathroom -- several times.  And you repeat the process in the morning.  The goal is to literally clean you that they can get a good clean look at your colon.
"Very easy to see polyps -- and see?  There's a polyp right there."  
Again, the polyps were removed and tested, they were not cancerous.  And just to be clear, it was a painless procedure.  Mike Mallory slept through the whole thing.  
"Women are much more apt to come in and have a colonoscopy.  They're used to seeing doctors a little bit more commonly than guys.  Guys are a little bit more uneasy."
My advice?  Guys, don't be uneasy.  And ladies, make him go!  Mike's wife was asked it about it right beforehand in the waiting room.
I just want him to be happy and healthy and be with me here a long time.  It's very important. I love him!"